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Emplatre d’algues

This poultice combines the remineralizing, absorbing and purifying properties of the seaweed Laminaria digitata and of clay with the nutritional effects of grapestone oil. The Emplatre d’algue can be used as a wrap or partial wrap even for those who have intolerance to essential oils. Basis for applications with Bioaroma Synergie. Apply a few drops of Bioaroma Synergie specific to the affected area and then apply a layer of Emplatre of algues.

1000 ml
5000 ml


The body wrap is a cosmetic preparation ready for use. Can be slightly heated in a water bath before application. Apply a thin layer of product on the zones indicated, with density polyethylene wrap and leave on for at least 20/25 minutes. Ideal use in systems, such as soft pack or cloud. It is recommended to take a shower after the wrap.