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Pure well-being and the highest level of performance within an unparalleled range of valuable products and relaxation and beauty techniques.

It all starts with a systematic and precise customer analysis with a subsequent diagnosis of skin to reveal your specific needs. The complementarity of the exclusively natural active ingredients, high-tech equipment, the tasks performed on the muscle-tendon meridians and the entire range of our professional facial and body treatments work to combat specific blemishes and imperfections. In this way, each Piroche Cosmétiques treatment is transformed into a unique experience, tailored to individual needs and expectations. A simply unforgettable experience.


With the confidence of experience, Piroche Cosmétiques offers targeted consulting services to Wellness&Beauty Departments in hotels. The personalised consulting service takes into account the need for hotel facilities to optimise proposals, functionality and, subsequently, profitability of the Wellness&Beauty Department. A transfer of know-how that ranges from the choice of treatments to be proposed to training courses for personnel.


The winning corporate mission focuses on achieving maximum benefit from the convergence of nature, research cosmetics and a wellness culture. The goal has been achieved with the “Piroche Cosmétiques Method” based on bioenergetics. Effective body and facial treatments, which result in actual psychophysical wellbeing that is mirrored by a fresh, bright and absolutely natural appearance.




The bioenergy drainage method developed by Piroche Cosmétiques, combined with active substances contained in Piroche Cosmétiques products, purifies the body of toxins that build up due to diet disorders, negative environmental disorders and stress. Only after purification is the body ready to absorb new precious substances.

By combining Bioaromas – blends of specially selected Piroche Cosmétiques essential oils – and Piroche Cosmétiques products chosen to suit each client’s blemishes, the beautician offers treatments that meet the body’s demands in the energy and cosmetics frameworks. Body and spirit are thus restored to their natural balance.

The result of this effective treatment concept is holistic. It leads to the regeneration and activation of body cells; the regeneration of the mind restored internal balance. Experience the difference, the treatments according to the Piroche Cosmétiques method will make you have a new body awareness and give you a more youthful and bright appearance.