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Invite your customers to the Fragrance Bar. Quench their mind and soul with a unique massage, simply unforgettable. Find out how.

Vanilla, lemon, frangipani or rose. What should be the ideal fragrance for a massage? Start your session testing your customers’ sense of smell, there is no better way to find it out. Set up your “Fragrance Bar” with 4 bottles of Massage Oil (available in these scents: vanilla, lemon, frangipani or rose), open them one by one, and let your customers rely on their sense of smell.

Each scent will awaken their most intimate emotions; they will reveal precise information about their personalities, moods of the moment, guiding the choice towards the ideal fragrance for the massage. The enveloping bouquet will help eliminate energy blocks, eliminate tensions and restore harmony between body and mind.

The result? A unique massage, simply unforgettable.

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